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Hello and welcome. My name is Paul Hawkins. I do technical writing for a living and write fiction for fun in my spare time. I am a husband and father in my full-time. I have written stories all my life. If you've come here I hope it is because you have at least a little interest in something I've written, or perhaps you have just been searching the web for a "Paul Hawkins" who owes you money. If so, that must be someone else.

I am descended from a long line of people who A) managed to reproduce, and B) had the same last name as I do. We are of hardy stock: we having Viking blood in us, we are quick-tempered but generous, we are generally too smart for our own good, and those of us who live long enough manage to learn how to enjoy life and sometimes become well-groomed.

We are not, generally speaking, a wealthy tribe - at least not in the way Scott Fitzgerald described "the rich." But we are rich in experiences, laughter, the capacity to love, and a curiosity about the world. I know these are not the same as material commodities, however, and therefore do my part to support the Oklahoma Lottery.

I hope I have written or will write something you like. I have a link to a brief biography here. Other than that, if you have something you'd like to ask me, please send me an email.

Here are some links to things I have written that I still like. You can find lots of my stuff at Smashwords and Scribd.

If you like something I have written, please recommend it to a friend and like it on Facebook or Twitter it or something - you know the social media stuff better than I do.


From my current work in progress, chronicling love, death, and stupidity in the sub-suburbs: Angels and Electrons.. If enough of you click and/or like it, I might actually finish it (also on Smashwords).